On May 13, 2013, our country will once again create another history. We are bound to exercise our rights to vote for leaders to occupy important posts in our country. These posts, though not the highest, are very important and critical. We will choose particularly leaders who will be in charge of law making and implementation.

From the twelve (12) new senators down to councilors of the different cities and towns, it is our DUTY as a Filipino to CHOOSE THE BEST.

In this article, I will showcase MY PERSONAL BETS for the Philippine Senate. This isn’t a campaign post. I just want to share my opinion on who I believe will serve and will contribute significantly to our country.

Here are the senatorial candidates I chose to entrust my sons’ and our country’s future (You may also click the link for further information about the candidates):

  1. Angarra, Edgardo Sonny
  2. Belgica, Greco
  3. Cayetano, Alan Peter
  4. Escudero, Francis
  5. Gordon, Richard
  6. Honasan, Gregorio
  7. Legarda, Loren
  8. Magsaysay, Ramon Jr.
  9. Pimentel, Aquilino “Koko” III
  10. Poe, Grace
  11. Trillanes, Antonio IV
  12. Villar, Cynthia

Perhaps, some would think that I am pro-PNoy. Maybe yes. But, I must say that I am more of a PRO-PROGRESS and PRO-UNITY. I believe those two go along together if we really want our country to prosper. As the old song goes, “For together we stand, divided we fall. Together we climb to the top of the world” (a line from the song “Yesterday’s Dream” by Maestro Ryan Cayabyab), unity towards a common goal — Progress — is what we all need.

So this coming May 13, 2013, choose and vote wisely! Remember that this is our country. This is our home. Hence, we are a part of its successes and failures. So vote for the bests!


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